>Spain reign-the VN review of World Cup 2010


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After a month of football, Spain have run out deserved winners of World Cup 2010, and the best team of the world have been crowned world champions after an engaging, if not beautiful final. 

In this tournament, as with Euro 2008,  it was the midfield what won it. Xavi seems to have 5 seconds more on the ball than the mere mortals around him, and Iniesta is quite simply one of the most dangerous players in world football. Along with Alonso, they are the heartbeat of a golden generation worthy of the name. A generation that now has a gold star. This generation is led by the example of captain Iker Cassillas, who threw himself at Arjen Robbens’ feet to keep his team in game, and his centre half Lieutenant Carles Puyol, for whom losing is simply not an option. Most frightening for everyone else is that this group of Spaniard’s doesn’t look like ending after this World Cup cycle. Pique, Sergio Ramos, Naves and Villa have the potential to rule the world for years to come.

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Holland have always been my second team. The pre-match dismissal of them as ‘functional’ was patronising in the extreme towards a team containing Robben, Sneijder, and Van Persie. However, Van Persie was absent once again last night, and  Sneijder got marked out the game. Only Robben provided a Dutch spark, running at the Spanish defence with menace. However, he failed to seize his moment when one-on-one with Cassillas, twice. 

It seems impossible to discuss this final without mentioning the referee and the tackles. To my mind Howard Webb did well, keeping 22 players on the pitch for as long as humanly possible. Of course De Jong could have gone for his kung fu kick on Alonso, but the yellow card made the point, and made sure Webb was not centre stage until he had to be.  The booing he received on collecting his medal was entirely unjustified.

This World Cup will be remembered for many things, but a classic final is not one of them. It will be remembered for a great atmosphere, and the hospitality of Africa. It will also be remembered as the tournament in which the cry for technology in football became louder than the vuvuzelas. It should also be remembered as the tournament won by the best team in the world, with a goal by the best player in the world.

Player of the tournament: Andres Iniesta
Goal of the tournament: Gio Van Bronkhurst vs Uruguay
Moment of the tournament: The South African team dancing and sing their way to the pitch for the first game, and then “GOAAALL BAFANA BAFANA”
Villain of the tournament: The England team – too much hype, not enough action. We were an insignificant blip in the tournament

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One Comment to “>Spain reign-the VN review of World Cup 2010”

  1. >my favourite bit of this world Cup was Germany vs Argentina, all the bias aside the counter-attacking football was fantastic !!! 1994 still my favourite world cup !Dave "norwich better than spurs" Thomas

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