>Not so ‘male and pale’: what Harriet Harman could learn from Liberal Youth

>The new Liberal Youth executive has finally been elected, and I’d like to start by thanking all those who supported my re-election. 

Six of the sixteen members of the new executive are female, encompassing 5 of the 8 General Executive Members, and me as a Vice-Chair. Furthermore, we have elected our first ever black chair. There were no all female or all BME shortlists, and the issue of gender and race was not raised once. The debates were mainly about policy, occasionally about personality, but always about suitability for the role. 

So Harriet Harman, women can attain political roles without a patronising, undemocratic, 50/50 ratio being imposed. Each one of my female colleagues are highly talented, and beat off male competition. So while Lynne Featherstone was right to describe the negotiation teams, and front benches as ‘male and pale’, at the younger end of the party things are looking up. 

Of course we must not get complacent. Despite the election of two BME members to the executive there is still work to be done. Furthermore, I believe us six ladies have a responsibility to encourage more female involvement in our organisation. However, it is undoubtedly a positive development, and Harriet Harman could do a lot worse than take note of it.



5 Comments to “>Not so ‘male and pale’: what Harriet Harman could learn from Liberal Youth”

  1. >Now all we need is an electorate as enlightened as Liberal Youth.

  2. >So 37.5% of the new exec is female. Based on NUS Wales, this is sexist and discriminatory, and so gender quotas were brought in to ensure every conference was at least 50%-100% female, as the quota only specifies a minimum female delegation, not male. This is equality according to Labour. They really don't get the idea do they?

  3. >LOL, the lib dems trying to give lessons on equality – you've got more male MPs with facial hair than female MPs.

  4. >You can't fault us for trying to get women elected when you look at the candidates in winnable seats. Just that this time round our female candidates did worse than the average. Slightly shifted votes would have left us with far more women MPs.Also, very easy to criticise when you're hiding anonymous? You must be Labour, scared of actually engaging.

  5. >Spot on Charlotte, and spot on Rich.Anonymous, our top targets were 50-50 gender balance. The rest, unfortunate.

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