>Two in a day must force Fifa to act

>I am not going to spend this post pointing out the arguments for and against television replays, because three hours of football, and two ridiculous incidents, have made the case  conclusively. 

The picture below, supplied by the Telegraph, shows just how far Frank Lampard’s shot was over the line. 


Following that debacle, Carlos Tevez scored a goal for Argentina while standing at least 3 miles offside, (I exaggerate only slightly).  During the  inevitable break in play 22 players, 4 officials, 2 managers, and a full stadium saw a replay conclusively showing the goal should not stand. The referee was impotent to react, and the goal stood. 

Both England and Mexico are now out of the World Cup.

Step back a little further and a quick TV replay would have stopped Thierry Henry cheating the Irish. That incident was nearly the tipping point, but still Sepp Blatter and his childish cronies held firm. They claim it is all part of the game.

We know human beings make errors, so why not counteract them? This continuing failure to modernise discredits football.While I totally accept that Ireland, England, and Mexico would have probably still lost those games, nobody actually knows. Goals change games, end of. 

After this world cup either technology must come in, or Sepp Blatter must go.


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