>You Gov Poll Commends Coalition budget to the House

>A poll for the Sun by YouGov has show widespread support for the Coalition’s budget, announced by Chancellor George Osborne on Tuesday.

The poll shows that 49% blame Labour most for the cuts contained in the “tough but fair” budget. Some 18% blame both Labour and the Coalition for the cuts, meaning in total 67% in total blame Labour to some degree. Furthermore, most think that the Coalition is best for  the economy.

The poll also shows that 82% support the cut in tax credits for families earning more than £40,000 a year, and 59% back the three-year freeze in child benefit rates

There is one significant, if unsurprising anomaly though: 54% oppose the increase of VAT rate to 20%.

 The poll is published and analysed on the Yougov website, and marks a significant show of support in the new Government.

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One Comment to “>You Gov Poll Commends Coalition budget to the House”

  1. >The irony is that the 17.5% – 15% – 17.5% Labour exercise was a test to see if an increase to 20% would be accepted. I don't recall riots and starving children on the streets when it went back up to 17.5%…

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