>Why Chris Grayling should be fired


Chris Grayling has come out, no pun intended, in favor of people running B&Bs from their houses withholding  accommodation from gay couples. He did however give the caveat that were he to become Home Secretary he would not seek to change the law that makes this illegal. There are so many reasons he should be fired for this statement, and the way he said it, that there is little doubt in my mind that Grayling must go.

The first reason is clearly the statement itself.  It flies against everything the Tory party has been trying to change about itself. While I am all for free speech, it has at its is core such blatant, underlying homophobia that it is entirely unacceptable . In his quotes replace the word gay with black, Muslim, Jewish or Hindu and decide if you still think its a pure issue of conscience or free speech. You really can not have a front bench mainstream politician making statements like this.

Except he didn’t just say it. We only know about this because somebody recorded it. It entirely advocates everyones’ fears about the Tories, that they will soften their message to be elected, but  under the surface the same values that so many of us deplore still remain.

In a matter of weeks Chris Grayling could be the Home Secretary, making law on social and legal issues. This statement actually advocates people breaking the law if they don’t like it. Thats just not how the law works. At best this shows Grayling is a very poor politician. At worst he is the next Home Secretary advocating a flexible approach to abiding by the law.

There is little doubt in my mind that David Cameron has little choice but to fire Chris Grayling, and the quicker the better.


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