>The Power of Creativity, and celebrity!


An onlooker could have been excused a quick, confused look round the door of the the Peers dining room on Thursday night, having seen Brian May, Feargal Sharkey, Benjamin Zephaniah and Grayson Perry (in full Claire mode) make there way through the corridors of the House of Lords. These, and many more were there to watch Nick Clegg and Don Foster launch the new Liberal Democrat Arts policy paper  ‘The Power of Creativity’.

As someone that has always studied arts subjects and been lucky enough to live in a city bursting with theatre, music and galleries I am pleased to be part of a party that gives the cultural and creative sector genuine importance and support. The arts have an intrinsic importance, as well as improving social confidence, mental well-being and generating revenue via the tourism sector.  With the Conservative cultural team going on an all out smarm, sorry, I mean charm, offensive on the arts world it was nice to see some high calibre players responding well to Nick Cleggs speech. Rory Bremner even joked he was gonna to still one of Cleggs lines!

Unfortunately it is unlikely that the arts can be a big vote winner in a time of recession and world conflict, but it was pleasing to see a major a party making it an election battleground.


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