>Superbowl XVI


In a few hours the ‘biggest sports event in the word’ (TM) is going to kick off. Now while I can assure you that American Football will not be a regular feature on this new blog, (welcome by the way,) it seemed as good an event as any to start off with. I like other US sports, but I am not really an American Football fan. I don’t really understand a sport that is designed for TV viewing and stops every 10 seconds. However, something about the Superbowl lures me in every year. Clearly this is because it is a global television event and a great spectacle. I certainly don’t watch it because I understand what the hell is going on!

This year there is something else though. Five years ago, for a few awful weeks, an American football stadium became the focus of the world. The New Orleans Superdome ended up housing the city, not just its football team. Those images of homeless and ruined families live long in the memory, but tonight the New Orleans Saints can give the awful story of Hurricane Katrina a slightly happier ending. Nobody is pretending that winning a sports event will help rebuild the lives that were ruined, bring people back their houses, or return dead loved ones to their families, but victory for sports teams brings massive pride to the community the team represent. It can uplift a city, and what American city deserves to be lifted up more than the one the Government forget as it was nearly raised to ground?


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