>Sick with jealousy


Today the Liberal Democrats launched a campaign called Labservative, designed to demonstrate that the red-blue poltical axis has failed us for 65 years and that only the Liberal Democrats offer real change. Although I couldn’t agree more with the campaign, I normally try to keep partisan politics off this front page of the web site. I am putting this here because the way the campaign is being presented-including manifestos and posters for the Labservative party and a twitter account for its leader Gorvid Camerown- is absolutely brilliant. You can see just how good it is here.

This is exactly the type of way social/new media should be used in the political context. It is witty, professional looking, and very susceptable to being passed on viral. The fact it is a very shrewd political message is just a nice bonus. Of course the key will be if the party can get this out of the libdemosphere and really make an impact on the general public and votes, but initial signs are positive.

My only problem with the campign is that I wish I had come up with!


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