>Review: Capital FM Summertime Ball


On Sunday Wembley stadium played host to a lot of 13 year old girls, their parents, and some of the biggest pop starts in the world.

Despite being one of the oldest people there not chaperoning a child, I thoroughly enjoyed the Capital FM Summertime Ball. You don’t normally get t0 see such a collection of artists, and although I certainly didn’t think a lot of everyone (yeah you Justin Bieber), there were some great performances.
The best thing about events such as this is you tend to enjoy people you were unsure about. So yesterday I particularly enjoyed Kesha and Pixie Lott, who in the case of the former was a bit of an unknown, and in the case of the latter was excellent and engaging. Scouting for Girls were also great, as they bounded through their ‘greatest hits’ and a song “that depending on how old you are is either by a band called Journey or from a tv show called Glee”.

You also tend to get some nice surprises. I had been particularly looking forward to Dizzee Rascal and he didn’t disappoint. Coming on with ‘Dirtee Disco’ and following up with ‘Holiday’ he had 70,000 in the palm of his hand. Then he started ‘Dirtee Cash’. When he  got to the chorus suddenly a voice appeared from the wings, and there stood the rather lovely Florence (and the Machine) Welch in full flow.Check out the video to see just how good they were. By the time he had blazed through ‘Bonkers’ my performance of the afternoon was sealed.

For team X-Factor Cheryl Cole, Alexandra Burke and JLs all put in sterling performances-with the ladies sporting some rather fabulous stage attire. I can’t go without mentioning Justin Bieber. I am clearly too old to have been struck down by Bieber fever, but the shrieks that occurred every time his name was mentioned were frankly ridiculous.  Please go away and do your homework Justin.

Rihanna was the headliner and she looked and sounded amazing. Far from being cynical about pop, I always enjoy big glammed up performances and Rihanna was an engaging performer with one hell of a voice. A great end to a very good afternoon.

Best performance: Dizzee Rascal
Worst performance: Justin Bieber
Surprise of the afternoon: Florence appearing with Dizzee, Will.I.Am jumping on stage with Usher
Best dressed: Alexandra Burke, Cheryl Cole

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