>One Society Campaign


Here is a video I completed for the One Society campaign. They are a campaign linked to the Equality Trust. They recently commissioned Demos to write 3 pamphlets for them, outlining policies to tackle inequality for each of the 3 main parties. All the information can be found on their website as well as twitter and facebook.

Working for them was quite an interesting experience. Inequality was not an issue I had particularly delved in to before. I always held the principle that it would be better if the poorest were less poor, but I had never understood that the gap between the top and the bottom has a major affect on our society. This applies to all aspects of life, school, health care, imprisonment and so on. This was all laid out in a book called the Spirit Level, the authors of which founded the Equality Trust. The One Society campaign is rightly trying to make this an issue at the next general election. The arguments put forward are quite compelling so I will not dumb them down here, instead have a read of the websites I linked to earlier in this post.


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