>Malcolm McLaren RIP


I have had a very surreal moment this evening. Sitting in the Sky News studios about to go live on air with Adam Boulton (because thats not surreal enough) I heard the breaking news that Malcolm McLaren had died. I love the Sex Pistols and wish I could give a warts and all, ‘I was there story’ about McLaren or the band he made so famous, except I am 22 so obviously I can’t. The only encounter my generation has had with the Sex Pistols is watching John Lydon on I’m a Celebrity Dancing on Ice on a Love Island, or something.

But thats not really the point is it. The point is that in my CD collection is a copy of ‘Never Mind the Bollocks’, 40 years after it was released. The point is, to some degree or another people still wear leather jackets, safety pins, tight trousers, big boots and so on. The point is that the UK is still the home of underground punk music. Have no doubt that none of those things would be the true without Malcolm McLaren. He turned music and PR on its head and made some scruffy kids with guitars superstars. He made every scruffy kid with a guitar believe that could be a superstar.

Ok I know some people will argue he created the first boy band and diluted the spirit of punk rock. I can’t really get on board with such an argument. There has always been bad, safe, commercialised music but McClaren made the alternative viable. For that he deserves eternal credit.



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