>Imitation is the highest form of flattery.


Seconds out on round 2, but no clear winner. The Sun/YouGov gave it to Cameron (amazing I know) but only by 4%, while others show Clegg to be the winner. All indications confirm the fact that this was a much much closer contest than last weeks demolition job.

Brown and Cameron upped their game after last weeks mauling, and utilised a new tactic as we all knew they had to. This tactic was less “I agree with Nick” and more ‘copy Clegg’. At one point towards the end David Cameron has to stop himself quoting Clegg’s “the more they argue…” line verbatim.

I’m sure many in the Liberal Democrats will be slightly frustrated that Clegg was unable to score a decisive victory, but to repeat the trick three weeks in a row is near impossible. Furthermore, for the leader of a traditional third party to put in such a commanding performance in a debate on foreign affairs, issues that require statesmanship and knowledge, makes Clegg a genuine candidate to be Prime Minister.

The other two could only compete by copying and twisting (when has Nick Clegg ever been “anti-American?!”) and the Liberal Democrats have now embedded themselves firmly in this genuine election.


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