>If at first you don’t succeed, smear smear again


The right wing media in the UK i.e anything thats not the Guardian or the Independent, is  in disarray. Thinking they were backing a shoe in they, like entire Tory team, is in a state of shock that what they deemed was theirs for the taking is slipping away. So they attack.

As you can see from this image there were no less than nine attack stories against Clegg and the Liberal Democrats on the Daily Mail website last night. If this doesn’t show  that the right are rattled nothing does. People have seen the the Cameron show, and decided the script just isn’t weighty enough. So the Tories and their media cronies have decided to try and discredit Clegg and Cable and claim they are not to be trusted, seemingly as punishment for daring to mount a serious challenge. Well, we’ve had 65 years of the alternative and thats not looking too good. The vote Clegg, get Brown is the most pathetic type of scaremongering. I certainly do not want another five years of Labour, but all the Tory talk of being real change is just that.
Then, after all this smearing, they wonder why nobody believes what politicians or the media have to say. The way both the Conservatives and Labour have turned on the Liberal Democrats is just the type of behavior so detested by the public, and what the Liberal Democrats have been campaigning against. It is not proper scrutiny of policy, which the party actively encourage, but backed -into- a-corner fear politics and its not good enough.
With the public so fed up with the political classes, this election should have been about positivity and progress, but Labour and the Conservatives want to make it about ‘more of the same’ or ‘we are nice,promise’. If you want something different, you know what to do.


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