>Charlotte Henry for Liberal Youth Vice Chair (Communications)


I am running for Vice Chair Communications as I believe that the Liberal Democrats are consistently right on many of the key issues:
We are right on Iraq.
We are right to demand a fairer society.
We are right to demand cleaner politics.
We are right on University Tution Fees.
We are right on the Gurkhas’.

I want to help get this message out to the youth and student population as we approach a General Election.
Liberal Youth deserves a strong media presence.

The first thing I want to do if elected is review Liberal Youth media policy by the end of my first week in office. I will update it to make sure it will be effective in a General Election campaign. A strong relationship with the main Lib Dem press office will also be vital in  ensuring Liberal Youth’s voice is heard. Working in a Parliamentary office has given me an insight into how the press office, and the media in general works.During my time in Parliament through research and Parliamentary Questions I generated press coverage in the Sun as well as working on other press stories as part of the team.

If elected, I will introduce media forward planning. This will enable  Liberal Youth to be prepared for events and announcements on issues that will effect young people, and will make sure we are at the forefront of commenting on these issues.

Liberal Youth membership deserves to know what the executive is doing on their behalf.
As well as giving Liberal Youth a strong media presence, a key part of the communications remit is making sure the contact between the executive and the membership is frequent and insightful. If elected I will endeavor to respond to all enquiries within 24 hours. I will also send out a regular e- newsletters to members so they know what the executive is doing, and more importantly, how they can get involved.

Moving forward
With new media and technology becoming as important in political communications as traditional methods, my academic bacgkground means I have the right set of skills to keep Liberal Youth communications moving forward. My experience as a freelance multimedia designer, working mainly with  non-partisan political campaigns, has built on my studies in music technology and politics, and means I am highly able to produce dynamic multimedia content for the Liberal Youth website.

I am team player. I having both worked in and lead an executive that ran a student radio station, and played in sports teams for years. I believe it is critical to use the communications infrastructure to support other areas like membership development and campaigns, and will seek to work closely with other members of the executive to this end.

I will continue to update this page during this week. Conference starts on Friday in York and I look forward to meeting more members of Liberal Youth and discussing how to take the organisation forward.
You can follow the campaign on Facebook on my fan page. Please invite your friends too!
Many thanks


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